The Foundation sponsors the Support Our Troops Initiative (SOT), which sends care packages to our troops serving in combat areas. Most of the country is unaware that we have over 150,000 troops deployed overseas, 45,000 of which are attached to the U.S. Central Command’s [CENTCOM] area of responsibility. The CENTCOM region includes 20 countries, stretching from Northeast Africa across the Middle East to Central and South Asia. Our troops are separated from their home and families, often for 6 months to a year. Nothing is more welcome that a package from home, recognizing and appreciating the sacrifice they are making for us. Our Foundation has sent over 50,000 boxes to our troops! We know they appreciate our efforts from the numerous letters of appreciation we receive, some of which are posted below. Throughout the year, we pass out SOT boxes in our community at events, parades and to our sister veteran organizations.

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