Hurricane preparedness is everyones responsibility. 

Waiting until the last minute is simply not an option. The following preparedness guides are donated curtesy of Always Home, a licensed real estate company that specializes in property management and home damage prevention and preparedness. CLICK HERE FOR ALWAYS HOME'S WEBSITE

Useful Planning Information 

Hurricane Guide
Sarasota County Disaster Planning Guide
Manatee County Disaster Planning Guide
Tips for Seniors
Disaster Planning For Pets
Shelter Checklist
2015 Shelter Map
The Preparedness Guide

Did you know that National Hurricane Preparedness Week i May 27 to June 2?

The National Weather Service sponsors this annual awareness campaign to get us all on the right page ahead of hurricane season. While the horrors of the deadliest US Hurricane on record, the Galveston hurricane in 1900 (which left 8,000 dead) are far behind us, the more recent memories of the US’s most costly hurricane ever, ‘Katrina’ in 2005 and Florida’s costliest, ‘Andrew’ in 1992, are still fresh and vivid in our minds. 

Second-home owners;  your Hurricane preparedness requires a different plan than that of year-round Florida residents.  Loss of life or injury is rarely a concern but property damage most certainly is.  Professional assistance is of particular benefit as much will need to be accomplished in the days running up to an impending storm.  Certainly, you could prepare weeks or months ahead but it would require you to fortress your home in a manner that screams “Hey – no one home here!” creating major security concerns.  As well, it would render your home unsightly to your year-round neighbors for months at a time.  Many Condos, HOAs and other local authorities wisely ban such preparations far ahead of a storm for both security and aesthetic reasons. 

Shuttering your home and bringing patio furniture, plant pots and other potential projectiles inside is best performed by A professional a few days before the storm’s arrival.  Likewise, soon after the storm has passed your professional can assess your home for any damage and hopefully if all is well, restore it’s goods looks by opening the shutters and organizing the exterior.   

Asking a well-meaning neighbor to perform these tasks when they are in the midst of securing their own home and possibly evacuating is likely to result in many details being overlooked at your property.   It may also result in poor choices such as the once-favored practice of ‘sinking’ outdoor furniture in the pool prior to a storm – a rather reckless act that would almost certainly cause costly pool damage!  Far better to let your a professional secure your home.  Likewise, a post storm inspection performed by a neighbor may easily miss less noticeable but important details.  

So what should you do yourself before your leave your Florida home for the summer months?  First of all, hire an experienced arborist or landscaper to perform a ‘hurricane cut’ on your trees.  Branches and the trees themselves cause extremely costly damage during major storms.  This is especially true of spindly Evergreens.  Of course, a property management company will organize this service for you if you prefer.  Additionally, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your Homeowners, Flood, and Windstorm insurance policies.  Keep copies in your Florida home but also take copies with you when you leave.  

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