This handbook outlines military status after retirement, discusses benefits and privileges, and provides other information, which may be helpful in administering personal affairs.

This handbook should be shared with your Family members because it contains information concerning rights, benefits, and privileges to which they may be entitled. Many of the benefits listed are administered by government agencies other than the Department of the Army. Eligibility for these benefits is determined by law, regulation or the responsible government agency.

Army Handbook

Military Handbook - 2016 Benefits for Veterans & Dependents Handbook

Welcome to retirement! You have worked long and hard to earn military retirement, and now you are about to start enjoying the rewards that your service has earned you. You are going to find that the transition from active duty military to military retirement is not necessarily easy. Compared to the inevitable stresses encountered in a long career of military service, it’s a piece of cake. Still, it's a big step psychologically and represents a major change in what you do each day. Many battle-hardened veterans are caught off guard by just how stressful the change is. There are many complicated rules and regulations to cope with, and just dealing with all of these and choosing among potentially competing benefits can be a real challenge.

To complicate things further, it’s not just you who’s retiring – it’s your whole family and survivors who must also navigate a major change in lifestyle along with a new and different set of rules and regulations. But stand at ease. This unique handbook will guide you step by step through the entire process. You'll gain a clear understanding of all your rights and privileges, so that you may take full advantage of all the benefits. After all, you’ve earned them, and a grateful nation wants you to experience and enjoy them.

We hope that you find this 2016 U.S. Military Retired Handbook helpful, and – along with an entire grateful nation -- we want to thank you for your service and wish you the very best in a long and happy retirement.

Military Handbook

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